Rumble in the Realm - Prototype @ Personal Project

Farm Scene - Star Admiral Teaser @ Hardscore Games

Player Avatars @ Hardscore Games

Modular Walls @ Personal Project

Low Poly House

Dota 2 - Items @ Steam Workshop

IHF Handball Challenge 12 - Environment @ Neutron Games GmbH

IHF Handball Challenge 12 - Character @ Neutron Games GmbH

Starcraft 2 - Mapmaking @ The Planetary Workshop

Frogman Diver - Character @ FH Kaiserslautern

Architectural Visualisation @ FH Kaiserslautern

Virtual Photography @ FH Kaiserslautern

Product Visualisation @ Personal Project

Work In Progress

Felix Weber

Contact E-Mail

I'm just a guy with a passion for making games. When I am not at work, I am probably sitting at my desk at home working on some personal projects
- or running around somewhere outside, or playing on my ukulele.

Due to my educational and professional background, as well as my personal interests,
I possess a wide range of skills. Having worked on all kinds of stuff, including character and asset creation, UI/UX design, vfx, rendering, motion capturing and animation, video editing, web design and marketing, I was able to gain lots of valueable experience when it comes to working on games.

But noone probably reads this text anyway. If you do have any questions however, feel free to contact me!

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Work Experience & Education
2003 - 2007 FH Schwäbisch Hall - Media Design
2005 - 2005 MICA, Baltimore - Semester Abroad
2005 - 2006 Der Punkt GmbH, Karlsruhe
2007 - 2012 FH Kaiserslautern - Virtual Design
2009 - 2012 Neutron Games, Berlin
2011 - 2013 The Planetary Workshop
2011 - 2012 Working as freelance artist
2013 - now Hardscore Games, Berlin

Primary Skills
Modeling, Texturing, Environment Art, Character Art, Level Design

Secondary Skills
Video Editing, Interface Design, Web Design, Graphic Design, Concept Art